The Purpose of Product

  • For treatment, the insertion site of the tube inserted into the patient's blood vessel for a long time is stably fixed to protect the blood vessel and the insertion site from movement of the inserted tube or external shock.
  • Maintaining fixation of the tube inserted into the patient, preventing separation and damage, and preventing infection.

Product patent

  • Filing Patent 2cases (10-2019-0162473, 10-2019-0159080)
  • Filing PCT 2cases (PCT/KR2019/017324, PCT/KR2019/017325)
  • Filing US Patent (16707353)

Product need

  • 2011 CDC (American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines stated that “Catheter Stabilization” is a means to reduce phlebitis, catheter movement and removal/displacement, and that it can be advantageous in preventing CRBSI (Catheter-Related BloodStream Infections).
  • Infusion Nursing Society (INS), a national non-profit organization, officially supports “Catheter Stabilization Devices” as a preferred alternative to tape and stitching.

Product competitiveness

  • Compared to competitors with world-class brand power, it has improved the fixation and usability of the catheter.
  • By improving the mounting method, the intubation area is safely protected and installed.
  • Removes the force that can be directed toward the patient's body through improved fixation.
  • Easy and convenient installation by reducing installation steps.
  • Designed to better withstand the pulling force that may be applied to the catheter inserted suddenly by differentiating the structure, material, and shape.
  • When the product is removed, there is no pain or stress for the patient, and it is designed to be easy and convenient for the operator

Comparison of major competitive factors

Product Photo/Drawing Fixing function Usability Stock minimization1) Blood penetration Prevention2) Catheter manufacturers Requirements3)
(Bard Access)

1)Applying customer's requirement that it can be applied to multiple catheters, reducing types and reducing inventory

2)Applying customer's requirement that there is a possibility of bacteria proliferating due to blood seeping into the attachment pad, and it is not good to look at.

3)Depending on the situation where many consumable manufacturers purchase intubation fixtures from their competitors Bard/Baxter, the customer's requirement that non-competitive products are required is applied.